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Product ID P-6001
This Halloween design includes one of my cute little mice?  He may be hiding.  Can you find him? This is one of my ink, color pencil and pencil shading designs. Includes photo, pattern and instructions.
Chickadee Stamps
Product ID P-6300

 These chickadees are ink, colored pencil and graphite shading on card stock and decou-aged to a 4.75 x 4.50 wood stamp ornament.  Instructions include photo and line drawing.

Wonderful Time of the Year
Product ID P-7001

This little red truck was painted in acrylic on a 8" x 10" plaque.  The printed message is applied to the plaque with decou-page.  Packet includes 2 photos, instruction and line drawing.

Night Before Christmas
Product ID P-6000

This is a packet of two Christmas ornaments. They are my inked technique with colored pencil and graphite shading on cardstock.

The card stock is applied to 3.5 x 5" wood ornaments with decoupage.

Autumn Is Calling
Product ID P-515

This bird is painted on a 9" x 6.5" tavern board.  Acrylic instructions includes line drawing and 2 photos.

Halloween Lovers
Product ID P-989
Applied to a 6"x 12" barrel stave.  Ink, pencil shading and colored pencil.  Packet includes 2 photos, line drawing and instructions.
Juvenal Blackbird
Product ID P-704

Painted on a 10" x 4 1/2 " pumpkin barrel stave.   Acrylic pattern includes instructions, line drawing and 2 photos.

Ready For Christmas
Product ID P-619

This 6" x 11" patchwork Santa was created for ink and pencil shading.  If you are new to this technique, it includes detailed pen and pencil shading instructions plus 2 photos.

Santa Plate
Product ID P-512

This Santa is painted on a 15 1/2” plate.  An adorable Santa with his bag full of toys. 

Acrylic pattern includes instructions, line drawing and 3 photos.


Lighting The Tree Angel
Product ID P-513

 This cute angel trimming the tree can be adapted to a sled, pattern measures 9” x 12.

Acrylic instructions, line drawing and 3 photos.