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Marlene's Happy Tangles
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Product ID BK-008

This book contains new pencil and ink designs with the addition of colored pencils. The colored pencil is a super easy way to add the splash of color.  The detailed instruction and tips for inking, pencil shading and colored pencil are included.   Great projects for gifts for everyone.

35 pages with large color photos of all the projects.

Marlene's Ink Therapy
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Product ID BK-012

This book contains more fantastic ink and pencil designs that will captivate your eye.  These designs can be used to embellish journals, albums, cards or decoupage them on a wood surface of your choice.  You’ll learn how dramatic you can make a black and white piece by adding a splash of color.

35 pages plus back cover.  Large color photos of all projects and three worksheets.

Marlene's Ink Creations
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Product ID BK-007


These projects were created to be used with the ink doodling trend that is so popular right now. The designs allow you to use the outlines and fill in with your own ink doodles and pencil shading. I have taken it a step farther and  incorporated colored ink, colored paper and painting.