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Drawing Pencil Set
Product ID Drw-set

Set of three drawing pencils 4H, 2B and 4B. The sizes used most for my pencil shading.   Professional-quality  graphite pencils.

Gelly Roll Pen
Product ID GRP-1

This white Gelly Roll Pen works great for correct small inking errors on white paper.  One of the better pens for writing on black paper

Sanding block
Product ID san-1

Keep your blending stumps pointed and clean by sanding them with a sanding block.  Each block contains 12 sheets of 1" × 4" fine sandpaper,  padded and mounted on a wood block .

Blending stumps
Product ID stumps

Two double-pointed 1/4" blending stumps to soften the graphite of  drawing pencils

Micron Pigma Pen Set
Product ID MPP-012

Black pens  .005, .01 and .05

My favorite sizes used for my ink designs.