I want to welcome you to my web site. I'm looking forward to sharing many of my ideas with you and my love for painting. I continue to design and paint every day when I'm not on the road teaching. Check back often to see what's new and where I'll be teaching.


Marlene in her booth

OKC Painting Palooza 2019

Tea Party Opening Night

 Marlene Krreutz, CDA

Marlene's Folk Art

Marlene’s Folk Art was presented the Priscilla Hauser Award for Business and Industry this year at the 47th Society of Decorative Painter Conference in Wichita. Her business was started by a woman who has been interested in drawing and painting all of her life. She has designed over 300 packets, published many magazine articles and has authored and co-authored numerous decorative painting books.

Marlene’s style is unique in that she combines layers of floated color, dry brushing and stippling to create a realistic look. She enjoys sharing her patterns and designs so that others may create beautiful projects

She has been a member of the Society Decorative Painters for 36 years and earned her Certified Decorative Artist award in 2004. She travel teaches all across the country at national and regional conventions as well as chapter seminars sharing her techniques and knowledge. Her greatest supporter is her husband of fifty + years. She and her husband are consistent and exceptional supporters of the painting industry and SDP.