I want to welcome you to my web site. I'm looking forward to sharing many of my ideas with you and my love for painting. I continue to design and paint every day when I'm not on the road teaching. Check back often to see what's new and where I'll be teaching.


Marlene Kreutz New Book

"Marlene's Ink Therapy"

This book contains many new refreshing ink and pencils projects with just a splash of color. These designs can be used to embellish journals, cards, albums or DECOU-PAGE them on any wood surface. There is really no limit to the endless possibilities.

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"Marlene's Ink Creations"

These projects were created to be used with the ink doodling trend that is so popular right now. The designs allow you to use the outlines and fill in with your own ink doodles and pencil shading. I have taken it a step farther and incorporated colored ink, colored paper and painting.

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  Marlene's Ink Creations

SDP Conference in San Diego 2016

44th SDP Conference & Expo
June 6-11, 2016
Town and Country Resort,
San Diego, CA

Exhibiting and Teaching

Tuesday, June 7
6 - 10 PM

Society of Decorative Painters

Marlene Kreutz, CDA class for SDP